2015                                                                                                      Volume 20
Global celebrating 22 years in international missions. 
I just got back August 2nd from my second trip to Cuba this year. WOW! was it a blessed trip from start to finish. I was in country 18 days and had 26 different meetings. I had two days scheduled off, but they were quickly filled with requests to meet or train. I arrived in the afternoon of the 15th and that evening met with some leaders and members of a soccer (football) league who have decided to study and implement my first two books to witness to, and make disciples of, 140 teenagers.  The extended plan is to reach out to the four sponsoring churches and train them as well as plant a new church in the west part of the country.
I next met with four church leaders and some of their members to share the Global Church Growth System and they got excited about our team training their churches on our next visit. They partner with one of our churches in Ormond Beach, Florida. It is great partnering with other organizations to help their mission interest grow.   
RESTORATION MOVEMENT taking place again in Cuba!!           I also met with a man named Michael who was the president of a large seminary in Havana. We spent three hours going over the Church Growth System. He was excited about what he saw and said, “Your system is right from the Bible.” He wants me to meet with 12 other professors that represent 400 churches to share the material and Church Growth System. After this and other church meetings, my director (Jose) and I went east part of Cuba, a 15 hour drive away from Havana. We met with 31 different church leaders from six denominations. In each presentation the response was the same. “Our present denomination’s system is not Biblical like the one you present in the Church Growth System. Please come and train us in your system and material. Now over 60 churches are either going through, or committed to being trained, at this time. Please be in prayer for more to help in the harvest.
What is the Key to success?
What is the key to success of any missionary? It is not that we can do it all, not that we have all in control, or that we will always be there. It is the realization that we know the opposite is true. Why is there so much success of the Global Church Growth System in Cuba? It is because two men caught the vision that God gave to me and they are committed to making the new restoration movement in Cuba take root. It took Thomas Campbell, Alexander Campbell, and Baton W. Stone to make the first one happen, and now it is happening again. I want to introduce to you one of those men in Cuba. Jose was one of the first three ministers in Cuba to be trained by me in the Church Growth System. When I trained him in May of 2012, 19 people were in the church. He started using the Most Precious book to evangelize and make disciples. After six months I returned, and his church had 23 baptisms with 43 members meeting in two groups. As of this week he has 4 groups and 98 members in the church. In addition to personal success, he has cast the vision all across the nation and is committed to following up with the churches that have committed to following the system and making it work. For any missionary work to be successful, the natives must catch the vision and carry it on. This is what brothers like Jose are doing now. 
Today, I received an email from two new colleagues in Myanmar and Nepal. Both informed me that they are finishing their translations of my books into Burmese and Nepalese. This means Nepal and Myanmar are now open to being trained in the Church Growth System. Most of all, new disciples will be made in these countries. “The Most Precious” booklet of disciple making is finished in French and the “Ten Steps to Spiritual Growth” is almost done. This means more nations will now be open to training and putting the Church Growth System in place. Haiti, France, Martinique, and many more will now have the opportunity to also learn how to make disciples. This is exciting, but overwhelming. Please pray for workers to be moved to join our team to make disciples around the world.   
Visit us at the ICOM (Formerly Missionary Convention.) in Richmond VA in October. We will have a booth, and I will be holding a workshop on Friday.
New US Embassy in Cuba
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