Summer 2015                              Volume 20 Edition 2
Global Church Growth celebrates 20 years in international missions. 

How do we decide on where to work?
The policy of our mission is to only go where we are invited. I will share the Church Growth System with anyone who will listen. If a person, native, mission, or church is interested in being trained, then I will go. If they are in another country or language group, then they must be interested in translating the first two books in the system. I do not ask anyone to translate my material unless there is interest first. They must come to me, and they must be a part of getting it translated. They must be touched by God to want this material for the work in their culture. This way, I do not go before the Lord, go where I want to, or translate what I want to. When do we go? When the first two books and leader’s guide are translated in the native language, we will then make our first trip to do training. Once the translations are finished, we then are open to work with anyone in that language group.
Praise the Lord!
I am happy to announce that the first two books (Most Precious thing in the world, and Ten Steps to Growth) are now translated into Burmese. Having the finished translations now opens a new field in Myanmar (formerly Burma). If you, or anyone you support, work in Myanmar, please contact us about how we can help them, or you in your ministry. Other languages that are ready to use with the first two books include Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, and Malamyam (Indian).   
Other languages translated, or in the process!
The Most Precious in the world is now finished in French, and Ten Steps to Spiritual Growth is available in Nepalese. Creole, Italian, Russian, three other Indian languages are in the process of being translated.
One BIG Problem!
Most publishers and writers make money from their publications. That is usually true when someone buys an English book. However, when I produce, by hand, most of the foreign books there is no money available unless someone donates. Almost all countries I work with expect to be given the books, or cannot afford to pay for them. Since there are fourteen different languages (at this time), and five books per language, you can see there is a great need for funding. If you have any missionaries or interest in any of the languages listed above, please consider adopting a language to help us print and distribute this material so we can make disciples around the world. Many are being converted and discipled using these books, so please help us save more.

Please pray as we make plans for future trips to:
Jamaica, Myanmar, India, Cuba, Honduras, and Nepal

Contact us for questions, to share about the mission, or train your church in the system.  Please see our website at  for more information. Call us at 865 573 9794 or my cell at 865 283 1832