A Brand New Day!!
Everyday is new if you refresh yourself by being in the presence of the Lord!
I have finally come into the 21st century with my first personal blog. I plan now to keep everyone up to date on what were doing in more of a timely basis. We will still publish a news letter every quarter, but it is limited to what we can share, so this will give us an opportunity to share and converse more often, at least once a week, or so. I say "so" because there will be times that we will be out of the country on trips, and may not always have access. One of those trips take place next week when Jacque and I leave to train and follow up with churches in two southern countries. We are making our third trip to Cuba in the past year, and then I will continue on into Dominican Republic after Cuba. I will tell you more about these trips on another blog.
Let me tell you a story of a wonderful blessing!
If you know anything about our ministry, then you will know that one aspect is the developing, training, and providing materials for evangelism and discipleship. At this moment my first two books are going into 13 different languages praise the Lord. Now I do not have the funds at this point to print books unless I sell books, because there are no ongoing funds to provide for their printing. Case in Point. I am about to take over 400 such books into a country where the people cannot afford to pay for them, and I do not have the money to give them away free. God knowing this, He then provided a way to make this happen. After praying about this need, I got a call from Preacher Jimmy in Indiana. He told me that they were a small church and could not afford to give us monthly support, but that they did have a copier, and could print some books for us, if we need them to. I said sure, you're an answer to my prayers. The whole congregation at Community Christian Church got together and printed and folded 500 of my books to take on our next trip. Wow, does God provide when you need it.  Thanks so much!!